San Diego, California
4444 Pacific Highway, San Diego, California 92110

Sea World San Diego Discount Tickets

Sea World San Diego is the original Sea World and the most famous. The home of Shamu, Sea World offers the ultimate deep-sea adventures, unforgettable animal interactions with whales, dolphins, penguins and sea lions, plus exciting thrill rides. Here are just some of the totally splashy fun things to do at Sea World!

Sea World Skytower. Sea World’s observation tower rises at 150 feet per minute and gives you the ultimate aerial view of Sea World and the surrounding beauty of San Diego.

Penguin Encounter. Only one of two places in the entire world where Emperor Penguins are kept in captivity, SeaWorld’s Penguin Encounter has more than 300 delightful penguins.

Shamu Stadium. Shamu Stadium is the 7-million-gallon sea habitat where the SeaWorld’s most spectacular shows are held.Dolphin Cove
An unforgettable experience that allows you to get up close and feed loveable dolphins.

Journey to Atlantis. Hop on a rollicking boat ride that speeds, twists, turns and finally makes a spectacular plunge into a huge lake.

Shipwreck Rapids. Explore forgotten shipwrecks deep in the sea and ride through a live-turtle exhibit.

Save with San Diego Sea World deals. {LINK TO SEA WORLD PACKAGE} Free Sea World tickets are included in this special discount hotel package. Children under 12 years old always stay free at the Old Town Inn!


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